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My name is Jean-Baptiste Welsch, I am 28 and I come from a small village of Moselle called Freybouse. With a double degree from SKEMA Business School and the finnish university Lappeenranta University of Technology, I am today a Key Account Manager at Essity, a company specialized in hygiene and health.

Passionated with sports since my childhood, I am a strong advocate of the values it conveys: from perseverance of surpassing oneself to achieve one’s goals without forgetting the team spirit and solidarity. This is how I created the sportive and humanitarian project called The Peak of Dreams in 2014 after spending a year in the United States, a country where everything is possible. My project is simple: to scale up the highest summits of the world in order to help seriously ill children and teenagers to achieve their dreams.

« Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them. » Oscar Wilde

After collecting 3 650€ of donations for the benefit of the Association Petits Princes thanks to my previous humanitarian ascents of the Mont Blanc in 2014 and the Kilimandjaro in 2016, in 2019 I jump into the conquest of the Mount Elbrus, the highest summit of Europe with its 5642m. So, are you ready for the adventure?

Summits climbed
Meters scaled
Of donations collected
Dreams of children realized

The Association Petits Princes


In the past 30 years, the Association Petits Princes fulfills the dreams of very ill children and teenagers suffering from cancer, leukemia, some genetic diseases… By living their passions and realizing their dreams, the child finds an additional energy to fight against the disease.

The Association Petits Princes doesn’t limit its actions to the realization of only one dream. Thanks to its contacts with 150 hospital services throughout the France, several dreams can be organized for one same child regarding to their passions, at the pace of their treatments and hospitalizations.
As the disease upsets the whole familial environment, the parents and the siblings live, in most cases, the dreams with the child.

Since 1987, more than 6700 dreams have already been fulfilled.
Every day, a child’s dream is realized.

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My previous ascents

2014: First step of The Peak of Dreams with the ascent of the Mont Blanc, the roof of Western Europe, reaching at 4810m. The summit was reached on the 19/07/2014 at 6:15 am.

Donation of €1545 was collected.

2016: Exportation of The Peak of Dreams with the ascent of the Kilimandjaro, the roof of Africa, proudly edging up to 5895m.The summit was reached on the 21/07/2016 at 5:40 am.

Donation of €2105 was collected.

world_map_sommetsJB2ascensions sommet des reves

My next ascent: the Elbrus Mount

After the humanitarian climbs of the Mont Blanc in 2014 and the Kilimandjaro in 2016, in 2019, I wish to scale up the highest summit of Europe which is the Mount Elbrus, in Russia, 5642 meters in altitude. The sportive and humanitarian project aims to donate at least 3000€ to the Association Petits Princes in order to realize a new dream of a very ill child or teenager.

 The Mount Elbrus, or Minguitau in Caucasian dialect meaning « Thousand Mountains », is an ancient volcano located in the heart of the huge chain of the Caucasus, region which is the natural border between Northern and Southern Europe. Highest peak in Europe with 5642 meters, the Mount Elbrus is part of the challenge of the « 7 summits » and is also a place of legend as Prometheus would have been chained there by Zeus for offering fire to men. Technically easy but requiring a very good physical condition because wilder and more preserved, I chose to climb the Mount Elbrus on its Northern slope. As for my two previous challenges, I chose a local guide company to accompany me in this climb that will take place in the summer of 2019.

In order to prepare myself better physically for this climb, which promises to be extremely tiring, I will plan several outings in the Alps and several races by summer 2019.

Time remaining before ascension

Program of the ascent

To support me

The Peak of Dreams in Russia is the third highest summit of my sportive and humanitarian challenge which started in 2014. After collecting €1545 of donations with the ascent of the Mont Blanc, then €2105 with the ascent of Kilimanjaro, my new sportive and humanitarian challenge is being exported to Russia with a more ambitious goal: to reach the summit of the European continent and donate at least €3000 to the Association Petits Princes.

Just like my first two ascents, the organization of this new humanitarian project of Mount Elbrus is a real challenge. This is why its preparation begins almost a year before the ascent, against six months previously.

To make this human adventure being a real collective and solidarity success, I wish:

1 – To be sponsored by companies, which, in return for financial and / or material assistance for the ascent of Mount Elbrus, will be partners of the Peak of Dreams in Russia and will benefit from different elements of communication explained in my partnership file.

2- To collect at least €3000 of private donations by the summer of 2019, which will be directly donated to the Association Petits Princes via the Alvarum online platform.


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If you are an individual, you can support the project and the association Les Petits Princes by making a donation. Thank you

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